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  • Intevac
    Intevac NASDAQ: IVAC was founded in 1991. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara CA and has a global presence with offices in the United States, China, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore. We are the world’s leading provider of magnetic media depositi ...
  • Target Materials Manufacturer
    The late Dr. Edward Funk, Sc.D., and his late wife Ingeborg founded Superconductive Components, Inc., in 1987. Dr. Funk, formerly a Professor of Metallurgy at The Ohio State University and a successful entrepreneur, envisioned significant market pote ...
  • TKC Consulting
    25 years experience backs an extrodinarily complete line of thin film materials and equipment. TCK provides all types of sputtering and evaporation equipment and supplies. ...
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  • The Academy Precision Materials
    The Academy Group refines millions of troy ounces of silver and gold each year. Operating from six different locations, the companys manufacturing capabilities have grown to include products that are diverse in their method of production and in their ...
  • Sputtering Materials
    Sputtering Materials, Inc. SMI has a proven track record of over 25 years of success and firstclass customer service. No company in the industry can match our years of expertise or bonding technology. We have invested years of research and developmen ...
  • High Purity Alloys Manufacturer
    We specialize in physical vapor deposition materials for the research community. We arccast an enormous variety of PVD materials in our own melters; we can also hotpress some nonmetallics. We have a full machine shop and can make most foils and wires ...
  • Koral Labs
    Koral Labs, Incorporated, has provided thin film sputtering services for 30 years. Korals founder, R.V. Stuart, helped lay the scientific foundation of sputtering while working with Dr. G.K. Wehner. In addition to its production capabilities, Koral ...
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